Discover people through your friends!

A turbo simple and secure way to

reach social and professional contacts. Tag contacts, search tags and expand your network through your friends.

Contact tagging and the power of the crowd help you

find exactly who you are looking for

Dubb helps you find the Photographer, Event Planner, or IT Consultant in your network. Dubb aggregates your friend's address books and contacts into one easily searchable and discoverable network.
Use tags and keywords to find exactly who you are looking for. Tag your own contacts, organize and categorize your often complicated social and professional life!

Keeps your contacts up to date

and relevant

We cannot stop people from moving or changing their phone number. We also cannot expect them to inform everyone that their contact information has changed. When a contact info is updated in Dubb, or someone changes a person's contact information you will be notified and be given the option to update their info.
With Dubb your contacts are always relevant, up to date and useful. Social messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Viber work based on phone numbers, so get the most of them by leveraging Dubb to expand your contact list!

Groups your contacts with ease

for faster communication

Create group contact lists for your colleagues at work, your closest friends, or fantasy football league.
Dubb makes it easy to message multiple people at the same time without the hassle of adding individual contacts to a message.
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Build social and professional bridges

Expand your possibilities!